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Coorg Fishing Camp
Coorg Fishing Camp

Coorg or Kodagu is a tiny district located in the Southwest corner of Karnataka, South India.
Situated on Karnataka's Western Ghats, Coorg boasts of misty hills, lush green valleys, coffee plantations and teak forests. The coffee estates here produce some of the world's best coffee. The other specialties are honey, cardamom, pepper and oranges.
Madikeri (previously known as Mercara), a picturesque charming town situated at an elevation of over 5,000 ft (1,525 m) above sea level, is the district headquarters of Kodagu.

Coorg Fishing Camp

Kodagu is the home of a colourful, robust, martial race - the Kodavas, Said to be the descendants of the Greeks (Alexander's soldiers), the Kodavas are fiercely independent. They were never conquered by either Tipu Sultan or the British, so to this day all Kodavas retain the privilege of carrying firearms without needing a license.            
Kodagu is famous for the generals it has produced for the Indian army. The women are known for their beauty. But what Kodavas are famous for is their hospitality.

Our camp is located on the banks of the River Cauvery which flows through Coorg district. The District is covered with a canopy of ancient trees and has an abundance of wild birds and animal life.

Coorg Fishing Camp The camp adjoins tiger and elephant protected forests. The fish in this stretch of the river are protected by the Wildlife Association of Coorg and guards of the Association constantly patrol the river to deter fish poachers. Mahseer Rapids is 130 miles from the city of Bangalore in a south -westerly direction. Located at an elevation of 3000 ft above sea level the temperature here varies between a minimum of fourteen degrees centigrade in winter to a maximum of thirty degrees centigrade in summer. The region is completely free from malaria. During the months of November to February (the best fishing season) the weather is dry with bright sunshine.

With plenty of fishing opportunities for fly, lure and bait fishing the camp offers excellent accommodation with traditional shikar cuisine. Accommodation will be in insect proof, rustic stone cottages or eco friendly bamboo cottages depending on the availability.

The river holds numerous Mahseer in the twenty pound range and the largest fish caught here weighed in at 93 lbs. The tremendous tree cover on eitherside of the river ensures a steady supply of insect diet for the fish and fly fishing opportunities for fly anglers. The river also holds Murrel or Snakehead which is great sport on spinners and light line. Carp and catfish are also found and these are caught using freelined baits.

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