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Faq's - Rafting
We will try to answer all the obvious questions which might come up when you want to go rafting.
Q- What is the age limit for rafting?
A- There is no age limit for rafting as this sport is for one and all.

Q- Can I get my children along?
A- Yes, you can get your children along. The minimum age for river rafting is 8 years.

Q- What clothes and accessories do I need for the Rafting trip?
A- Sunscreen, sun glasses, t-shirts, shorts, sandals preferably rubber, windcheater jacket, flashlight and a light sweater are the necessary things you will need for your rafting trip.

Q- Who can go river rafting?
A- If you are reasonable fit and healthy you can enjoy this sport of River rafting. The minimum age for a class 3 rapid is 8 years and a minimum weight should be 27 kilos.If you are above 60 we recommend that you should follow your doctor's advice. It is not recommended that you go for rafting if you have a heart or a back ailment or if you are pregnant.

Q- Do I need to know swimming for river rafting?
A- Not really, swimming skills are not required for river rafting as you will be wearing a life jacket and our instructors will teach you the way to keep afloat feet first in case you are dislodged from the craft. We will be happy to answer anyQuestions relating to health issues.

Q- Will I suffer from sea sickness?
A- The motion of the river is not like the motion of the sea so the chance of you getting sea sickness while rafting is not possible.

Q- What kind of accommodation will be there?
A- There will be deluxe tented accommodation which will be on sharing basis. The accommodation will be first class all the way and your food and beverages will be all inclusive in the package.

Q- What kind of extracurricular activities will be there?
A- The camps have provisions for beach volleyball and angling for the season's fish and there will be bonfires in the evening with a variety show (optional) of the locale culture.

Q- Will the rafting trip be strenuous?
A- The trips below class 4 rapids are not to strenuous as there will be 6 to 8 persons on the raft with you and you will be sharing the paddling with these persons, the fun is when all of you will gel together to overcome the rapids and then enjoy theQuite and peaceful stretches in between the rapids here you will be able to enjoy the bounty of nature all around you.

Q- How are these rapids classified?
A- The rivers are classified from class 1 to class 6. The Grade 1 River is the easiest with flat water and easy and small waves.The Grade 2 River has normal flow of water with small rapids and there the passage of the river is normally clear.The Grade 3 River is recommended for beginners, this is where the fun starts as you will be traversing through high waves with narrow and difficult passages, and this grade will make you fall in love with river rafting. The Grade 4 River is narrow and with major twist and turns which will test the beginner's skills and give a good fight to the professional. The Grade 4 requires precise maneuvering over difficult passages. The Grade 5 River is only for professionals as it requires a lot of skill level, this Grade of river rafting is extremely difficult over very fast flowing river and with extremely sharp twist and turns. This Grade is only recommended for experts. The Grade 6 is not to be attempted at any cost, this is down right dangerous and will cause harm to your health.

Q- Are the rafts safe?
A- The rafts with us are of the highest safety standard and confirm to the international standards, we check the rafts after every rafting trip to ensure the smoothest ride possible.

Q-How many people can travel in a river raft?
A- The rafts can accommodate 6 to 8 persons comfortable which includes the guide also.

Q- Will we be traveling in the same kind of raft for different rivers?
A- No, as the river change so does the rafts because of the difference in the flow of the water and the different handling conditions.

Q- Can we reserve the raft especially for ourselves?
A- Yes, you can reserve your very own raft if it is requested in advance, we do cater to charter trips.

Q- What if the conditions of the river are not conducive to rafting on that given day?
A- We will judge if the river is conducive to rafting during your trip if it is not then we will refund your reservation cost or change the venue(river) to some near by River so that your trip is not wasted. The other option is that your money will be transferred to the next trip you take with us.

Q- What about cancellations or transferring the date for river rafting?
A- If you find that you must change the original date of your trip, no transfer fee will be charged as long as the trip you are transferring from is not full and we have not been turning others away. If we have been turning others away, your transfer will be treated as a cancellation. If you must cancel your trip, please notify us as soon as possible. Upon receipt of a written notice 59-31 days or more prior to your launch date, you will receive a full refund less your per person deposit. Any cancellation made within 60-30 days of the trip may not be eligible for a refund. You may, however, substitute another person with no penalty. Deposits from partial group cancellations may not be applied to remaining participants. Our policy on this is in the main menu.

Q- Do I have to get any camping material?
A- No, you don't have to get any camping material because we will provide you with the best accommodation and meals.

Q- How will we get to the rafting site?
A- We can provide you with transport from your home town to the Rafting site, if you want to get your own vehicle you are more then welcome we will provide for secure parking space for your vehicle.

Q- When is the right time for river rafting?
A- The best time for beginners is from July end to October as the water level is low and can be easily managed. The people with prior experience can go almost the year around except in the places which are snowed in as the rivers are frozen during winters. Teesta River is the exception as the best time to do river rafting is in the winter months from October to April.

Q- Are there any permits required?
A- There are some areas which require special permits because of the proximity to the international border which include Sikkim, Spiti, Nubra and Lahaul. We will guide you and give the maximum help possible. The permits are usually granted by the District magistrate or the District Commissioner. For any other inquire please contact the ministry for home affairs.
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