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Fastest drive East to West to qualify for the Limca Book of Records

The drive will start in Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh (Eastern most tip of India) and culminate in Koteshwar, Gujarat (Western most tip of India). The length of the drive will be 3766 Km (Approximately). Route is inclosed.

Information regarding drivers and driving conditions that the members will experience on this marathon drive is listed below


How are you guys preparing yourself for the journey?
Ans:- To ensure you have a safe and successful expedition, you have to take care of some basic things. They are mentioned below:

  • You have to be in peak physical condition. All of us have been following a strict exercise regime for the last 2 months. It is important to increase the overall endurance level of your body. This can be obtained by a combination of cardiovascular and strength training exercises.
  • Practice the actual sport. All of us have been going for regular endurance drives of 8-10 hrs for the last 2 months. This is a great way to asses how your body will react when you are driving continuously for 8-10 hrs. You have to then build on any observed weaknesses.
  • Proper nutrition and being mentally focused is also important.
  • We will be carrying hydration drinks, food, nutrition bars, energy drinks etc. This will help us avoid multiple stops.
  • All necessary permits and permission have been sourced in advance. Limca Book of Records has been notified, inner line permit will be taken 3 days in advance from the start date of the expedition.
  • We will do a extensive recce of the route to familiarize us with the terrain we will encounter.
How are you preparing your vehicles?

Ans:- To ensure you don't face problems with the expedition vehicle, certain steps have to be taken. They are listed below.
  • The expediting vehicle like its drivers needs to be in peak condition. A complete check and exhaustive servicing of the vehicle is very important.
  • The tyres should be in extremely good condition. Minimum of 2 MM of grove should be visible.
  • To avoid minimal stops, you need to be aware of the mileage of the vehicle. This will ensure optimal pit stops for refueling.
  • We would be carrying necessary spares like- tyres, headlamp bulbs etc.
  • We will be using a stock M&M Xylo. This means it will be a normal Xylo with no modifications done.
What is the strategy to undertake the journey?
Ans:- It is very important to plan in advance. Our expedition plan is listed below.
  • Our first step will be to recce the route. We will undertake an exhaustive recce of about 70 % of the route.
  • We plan to cover about 1255Kms in 24 hrs time frame. This will ensure we complete the required 3766 Km in 90 Hrs with a 6 Hr break after every 1255 Kms covered. The current record is for 119 Hrs.
  • We are planning to start from Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh. This is the Eastern most tip of India. The reason it is better to start from Tezu is because we want to cover the Hilly terrain first. All of us will be fresh and it will be much safer that way.
Have you done such a thing before too?
Ans:- Yes, all of us are veterans to say the least, only in experience not in age :) :) . Information about the drivers is mentioned below.
Harinder Singh Sidhu ( know as Rana Sidhu in the mountaineering fraternity) of www.goadventuresports.com fame is an avid and a successful adventurer and mountaineer. This professional mountaineer and skier is working with Tech Mahindra in Chandigarh and is a mountain guide in his spare time. Harinder has embarked on mission of climbing the highest peaks in each of the 7 continents. Recently he successfully climbed two of the seven peaks and is attempting Mount Elbrus in Russia in July. In the next 1 year he aims to climb the remainder of the 4. Harinder was also part of the Hero-Honda OVERDRIVE team which broke the Kanyakumari to Leh bike record last year and has also taken part in numerous motor sports events like Raid-De-Himalaya.
He will be the youngest Indian to climb the highest peaks of all continents if he is successful in the remainder of his expeditions.
Bhalinder Singh Sangha better known as Lallie is an ex-rally driver from Chandigarh. Bhalinder has taken part in rallies like the Raid-De-Himalaya, Desert Storm and various other national level motor sport events. He has driven for some of the top teams in India and has won many a events and podiums in his rallying career. Bhalinder now heads an automobile workshop in Chandigarh and he is also a regular vehicle tester and consultant for major automobile companies in india, he not only brings driving experience to the team but also automobile know how.

Karanbir Singh Bedi is Overdrive's motor sport man, who not only reports it, but has participated in and won a number of events. Last year, he was one of the two riders in the Hero Honda Overdrive team that shattered the motorcycle record for riding from Kanayakumari to Leh. An avid adventure sports enthusiast, Karan has repeatedly shown the aptitude and ability to put in long stints behind the wheels of very fast cars to set records.

What does it cost the human body?
Ans:- Extreme sports do effect the human body. However if you have planned everything in detail, the effect is visibly reduced. Our thoughts are listed below:
  • Such a endurance drive can be very exhaustive for the human body both physically and mentally.
  • You can face severe dehydration.
  • You can encounter severe eye strain.
  • You might face problems with you left ankle and knee.
  • Stiff neck/back can be an issue also.
And what does it do to human will?

Ans:- The most important aspect is the will to win, to triumph against all odds. It is an old saying, however it is quite true, " If there is a will, there is a way". All of us are adventurers and explorers to the core, a challenge excites us, makes us push the boundaries of human endurance. I guess this is the only reason we are doing it.

Fastest drive East to West to qualify for the Limca Book of Records

Tezu (Arunachal Pradesh) - Tinsukia - Dibrugarh - Jorhat - Silghat - Biswanath - Tezpur - Nalbari  / OR, Jorhat - Naogaon - Dispur - Guwahati - Nalbari - Kachugaon (Assam) - Alipurduar - Malbazar - Siliguri - Dalkola (West Bengal) - Purnia - Khagaria - Patna (Bihar) - Mughal Sarai - Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh) - Rewa - Murwara - Jabalpur - Bhopal - Indore - Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh) - Godhra - Kheda / Ahmedabad - Surendranagar - Morvi - Bhuj - Nakhtarana – Koteshwar (Gujarat). 

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