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Gobi Desert

The literal translation of the Gobi means a very large and dry land. Gobi Desert is a large desert covering southern Mongolia and China. Gobi Desert is surrounded by the Tibet Plateau to the southwest and the Chinese plain to the southeast, the steppes and grasslands of Mongolia and the Altay Mountains bring about the north of this Gobi Desert.

There are many legends in this mystical place known as the Gobi Desert, there is a prominent one according to which the Gobi Desert was created by great Mongolian warrior who was well versed in the art of black magic, the legend goes that this great chief was being pursued by the armies of the Chinese Emperor and there was no escape so this great warrior put a spell on this land, the land he passed by was turned into a desert through which no army could pass and the great chief saved himself.

The desert safari is the way to check out the Gobi Desert in all its colors. There are two ways to check out this diverse place.
1 The Camel Safari
2 The Jeep Safari

The Camel Safari is the true way to check out the Gobi Desert as it will take you back into the past and you will ride the ship of the desert (the two humped kind) into the wild, you will interact with the local Nomads and the people of the Gobi Desert. You will trek across sad dunes and explore ice ravines, examine Bronze Age cave paintings and Dinosaur fossils check out the mountain lake where you will camp also.
You will go through the Khongorin Els sand dunes and explore the Eagle Valley in the Altai Mountains.

The Jeep safari takes you to all the places and beyond in the comfort you are accustomed to, this is by no means less adventures then the Camel Safari.  
There is a wide variety of wild animals in the Gobi Desert Meu (musk Ox), wild camel, Takhi (wild horse), Asiatic Wild Ass, Asiatic Ibex, Grey Wolf, Snow Leopard and Gobi Bear is an endangered species with not more then 50m in the entire world.
The Saxaul Shrub is an important plant in this ecosystem.

The tours and the itnary is prepared in advance depending on the days you would like to travel.

We will provide you with exclusive tour packages designed for your convenience and comfort, we strongly believe in taking into account your likes and dislikes and the places you would like to spend more time in, that’s why we will design the tours according to your specification.

The tours are all inclusive with your boarding and lodging plus meals.

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