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Early one morning, I lay on a stone ledge outside my room, staring into a timeless horizon, the hush ticking of my watch marking every frozen moment, the cool breeze ruffling my hair and the fresh air rejuvenating my body. That is Your Truly’s idea of spending a quite weekend. You want to escape the city, the bright lights, shopping and glamour, sightseeing and jet setting. All we want is the perfect get away where there isn’t much to do than nothing, where simple meals are big events and wind rustling the leaves is fascinating entertainment. A place where you open your bottle of rum after a quite dinner and enjoy the drink in solicitude.

A place where you can spend an idyllic weekend with your family and friends and get rejuvenated and it does not burn a hole in your pocket either. Yes Sir, Surprise Surprise, we still can do that in this world. Welcome to the world of homestays, a place where you are treated as family and encouraged to enjoy the simple pleasure of life. A homestay is a place which is usually a family run affair .It is perfect for those looking for a complete getaway from urban chaos. The host will regale you with stories about the local customs and folklore to wet your appetite of things to come.

The advantage of traveling to places that one wouldn’t normally go to is the anticipation of stumbling across something that will make the trip itself worthwhile. A waterfall in the monsoon, a wooden bridge across a river, a place to stay that is as charming as it is comfortable. Then, of course, you could come a complete copper and end up in a PWD rest house with non functional loose and alcoholic attendants. DON’T WORRY, luckily for you, you have me to do the preliminary spadework to make your trip a fascinating journey towards salviation.On a recent trip across India, I came upon some fabulous homestays which are a marvel in itself. So guys if interested in a fascinating journey to the remotest places with a personal touch, feel free to me.

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