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This desert is in the south side of the African continent and extends from Namibia in the west to Zimbabwe in the east and from Orange River in the south to Angola in the north.

The Kalahari is a large semi arid desert whose name is derived from the Tswana which means great thirst or water less place, Kalahari salt pans in Botswana and Namibia where you will also find the best game reserves well. The Kalahari is a fossil desert which receives 250 m of rainfall in a year this rainfall is spread over the year.

The ethnic people of this place are known as the San (Bushmen) these people are basically hunters and gatherers of food and there is conclusive proof of there inhabiting the Kalahari for the past 22,000 years at least. There homeland is now converted into a Game reserve known as the Central Kalahari Game Reserve where their way of life is preserved. The famous comedy feature film Gods must be crazy was shot extensively here.
The game reserves in Kalahari are a must visit as this will be a chance for you to take in the nature in its entire splendor. The important reserves are Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Khutse Game Reserve where you will find a wide variety of plants over 400 ethnic varieties and a huge collection of wild animals in there natural habitat ranging from gemsbok, Oryx, Cheetahs, leopards, meerkats, hyenas, lizards and the pride of the Kalahari the Lions. There is a great variety of birds also for the bird watcher.

The guides we provide for you will take care of all your needs as well as take you to the best locations for your viewing pleasure. We use the state of the art 4by4 vehicles for the safaris in to the Kalahari.

The park tours are arranged according to the time you have, we recommend that you spend at least 10 days in this natural wonder land as you can do loads of stuff.
The most important are the animal spotting in there natural habitat.

There are some very important parks in Botswana where you can check out the wild life some of them are Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Central Kalahari National Park and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Mashatu Game Reserve which are situated with the bordering South Africa.

We will provide you with exclusive tour packages designed for your convenience and comfort, we strongly believe in taking into account your likes and dislikes and the places you would like to spend more time in, that’s why we will design the tours according to your specification.

The tours are all inclusive with your boarding and lodging plus meals

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