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Padum to Lamayuru


You will be arriving at Delhi airport and catching a connecting flight to Leh (3500 meters). Stay will be in hotel.


Today you will be doing your acclimatization and local sight seeing and check out the evening bazaar of Leh. Stay will be in hotel.


We will be driving to Kargil (3700 meters) this is a 235 kilometers drive. We will visit the Alchi monastery on the way and cross the Fotu-la (13,749 meters) and take a well deserved break at the Mulbek Monastery. Stay will be in hotel.


The drive today will take us to Randgom this is a 135 kilometer drive on the way we will visit the Parkachan and the Panikar villages where we will interact with the locals and check out the locale culture as well as the cuisine. Stay will be in tents.


We will be driving to Padum which is a 150 kilometers drive to the capital of Zanskar. We will be crossing the Penis-la (4400 meters) and the Tungri Bridge, on the way we will visit the Randgom Gompa and the Sunni Gompa. Stay will be in tents.


The trek will start today with a nice trek to Karsha (3600 meters) the view of the Himalayan ranges is seen to be believed total trekking time is 4 hours. We will be trekking to the Karsha Gompa and the Pepiting Monastery which was built in the 15th century. Stay will be in tents.


You will be trekking through the Zanskar River to Pishu (3470 meters) on the way we will cross the hanging bridge which is 55 meters long and connects to the Zangla Gompa the trekking time to Pishu is 5 hours. Stay will be in tents.


An easy trek to Hanumil (3380 meters) in 6 hours will take you to Rinam village alongside the Zanskar River; we will be trekking across a plateau and after crossing Pidum we will reach Hanumil. Over night will be in tents.


The trek will be to Purfi-la (3950 meters) and Snertse (3850 meters) in 6 hours. This is a relatively easy trek in the starting as you will cross the plateau and then it becomes steep as you trek up to Purfi-la and then descent to the Omachu River then again climb up to Snertse. Over night will be in tents.


You will be trekking to Hanuma-la (4950 meters) and Lingshet (4000 meters) in 9 hours. You will be trekking past the Purfi-la, this is a difficult trek but the view will be worth the effort as you will be treated to the most amazing view possible of the Zanskar and the Ladakh ranges. After trekking through Hanuma-la you will go on to Lingshet Monastery which is a must visit then onwards to the campsite. Over night will be in tents.


We will be trekking towards Singue-la (4550 meters) in 6 hours. This is a gradual ascent towards the Netuke-la (4280 meters) from where the view of the Nierag Valley is astounding, after this we will descent to the twin villages of Gongma (3840 meters) and Skiumpata from here it’s a step trek towards Khyupa-la (4300 meters) and onwards to Singue-la. Over night will be in tents.


The trek will take us towards Singue-la (5050 meters) and Photoksar (4200 meters) we will be covering the distance in 7 hours. You will be trekking towards Photang River through hanging ice hangings this is one of the most spectacular sights a person can see, after crossing through fields of Barley and oats we will reach our camp sight. Over night will be in tents.


This trek to Sirsir-la (4850 meters) and Hanupatta (3760 meters) will be done in 6 hours. You will be reaching the Sirsir-la after trekking through some of the steepest climbs yet; you will reach Hanupatta where you will be greeted by the colorful prayer flags and the century old Cedar tree. Stay will be in tents.


Today we will be trekking to Wanla (3250 meters) this will be a 6 hour trek. We will descent through the slope towards Photang valley and go towards the Paniil-la (3410 meters) we will reach Wanla after crossing the bridge situated on the river, after reaching Wanla we will visit the monastery. Stay will be in tents.


The last leg of this trek is here, we will be going through Shilla and onwards to Lamayuru (3500 meters) the total trekking time will be 5 hours. This part of the trek will take you through a Gorge which is dry and extremely narrow, and then you will descent to the Lamayuru village which has the largest monastery in western Ladakh, this monastery has a great collection of wall painting in excellent condition. The monastery was built in the early 16th century and is kept in pristine condition. Stay will be in tents.


The forward journey will be by jeeps as we travel to Leh from Lamayuru, the distance covered will be 120 kilometers. We will be visiting the Likir and the Alchi monasteries on the way. Stay will be in hotel.


We will be taking the flight to Delhi, there will be ample amount of time to check out the sites of this amazing place. The must visit is the old part of this city. Stay will be in hotel.


The flight back to your destination will be out of Delhi airport.

All the treks are undertaken by goadventuresports.com.
The treks are inclusive.
We will provide you with experienced guides.
There will be provisions for pack horses and porters.
If line pass are required we will provide them to.

Important: it is highly recommended and very important that you get proper acclimatization before embarking on a trek.

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