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Sikkim and Kangchenjunga Trekking

Sikkim is the epicenter of all things beautiful; the charm of this place is seen to be believed. Sikkim is in the eastern Himalayan ranges; it shares its border with Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. This trek will be through the best flora and fauna a person can hope to see in wilderness, the thick forests will enchant you as you will trek through them. A amazing variety of flowers will line your path as you trek the remote trails, there are over 500 Varity of Orchids of stunning colors and shapes. It also has an amazing assortment of wild animals and birds.

Sikkim offers you some incredible trekking opportunities that can only be experienced through the wide range of trekking trails which will lead you to some amazing peaks.
The beauty of this place is in its unique and pristine trails.

The Kangchenjunga (8586mtr) mountain will provide the backdrop to this fantastic journey; it’s the world’s third highest peak. The literal translation of the name means “the five treasures of snow”, Kangchenjunga is a collection of 5 peaks, three of the peaks are in Sikkim and two are in Nepal.

The 5 peaks are Kangbachen (7903mtr), Kangchenjunga South (8494mtr), Kangchenjunga Central (8482mtr), Kangchenjunga West (8505mtr) and Kangchenjunga Main (8586mtr). The people of Sikkim revere Kangchenjunga as a scared Mountain. A British team first climbed Kangchenjunga in 1955 comprising of Joe Brown and George Band, honoring the belief that this Mountain is sacred they stopped a few feet short of the summit and this tradition has been followed henceforth.
The best treks in Sikkim are the Goecha la and Green Lake Basin, the Goecha la will take you to southeast side of Kangchenjunga along the Goecha la pass, the Green Lake Basin will take you to the Northeast side along the Zemu glacier.

Goech la Trekking

Details :
: moderate
Time: April to May
Maximum altitude: 5000mtr

Day one: Arrival at Delhi airport transfer to Domestic airport for flight to Bagdogra airport.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day two: Onwards to Darjeeling, it will take about 5 hours, the drive is fantastic as we will go through small hills and the tea gardens will greet you as you drive through them. The British influence is evident all around you.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day three: Today we will be heading for our starting point at Yuskom, the drive will take us 6 hours and we will be checking out the local flavor at this quaint joint on the way.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day four: Starting from Yuskom (1785mtr) we will be going on to Tshokh (3000mtr). We will be covering 15km in 6 hours, the trail will take us through the Ratong Chu River to the Bahkim village, we will be passing through a dense forest while heading towards Yuskom.
Accommodation: Tents

Day five: Onwards to Dzongri(4035mtr) we will be passing through Tshok village, the people here are really friendly, onwards to mountain Phidang (3655mtr) we will cross a dense forest comprising mainly of Rhododerdons (this plant has medicinal value). After a 10km trek in 6 hours we will reach Dzongri.
Accommodation: Tents

Day six: Today we will be checking out the Rathong glacier and the surrounding peaks, which go on till Nepal. We will also acclimatize as we do some small treks.
Accommodation: Tents

Day seven: Today we will be covering 10km in 4hours to Thangsing (3900 mtrs). The trek will takes us along Prek River over a sloping mountain through a Rhododendron forest and in to the valley, onwards to Thangsing we will come to our night halt at the base of mountain Padim (6690mtr). The Onglakhing glacier is at your doorstep.
Accommodation: Tents

Day eight: Today we will be covering 7km in 4hrs towards Samity (4500mtr), on reaching Onglathang we get a fantastic view of the south face of Kangchenjunga mountain. After crossing the Glacier we will hit Samity Lake, it’s ringed with prayer flags and the surrounding peaks reflect in its crystal clear water.
Accommodation: Tents

Day ninth: Today we will be trekking towards the Gocha la (5002mtr), this will be an 11 km trek, which we will do in 7 hours. The trek will take us through glacial moraines and huge boulders will test our endurance levels. The pass overlooks the Talung valley and is formed between Kabur and Pandim spurs, the south face of Kangchenjunga Mountain will hold you enthralled.
Accommodation: Tents

Day tenth: Onwards to Samity Lake, we will be crossing it and going towards Tshokh. The trek will be for 16 kms which we will do in 8 hours; this is mainly a downhill descent.
Accommodation: Tents

Day eleventh: Today we will relax by the camp side and enjoy nature’s splendor in its full glory. After a relaxing drink by the campsite we will turn in for the night.
Accommodation: Tents

Day twelfth: We will head towards Yuksom and will trek for 14kms in 6hrs to reach our vehicle which will take us to Darjeeling in 7 hours.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day thirteenth: Taking a flight back to Delhi, we will reach in time to check out the important sites.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day fourteen: Transfer to International airport for the flight back.

Important please note:

  • Please get a fitness certificate from your doctor.

  • We will be sending you the list of equipment you will require for this trek, if you cannot get the equipment then we will help you to procure it.

All inclusive:

  • All the meals (packed lunch will be provided)

  • Road transfers\air transfers

  • Experienced guides and high altitude porters

  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis

  • Line permit fees if required

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