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The Sahara

The crown of Africa is how this place is known as; the Sahara is the largest desert after the polar deserts. Sahara covers 3.6 million square kms and covers more then two thirds of North Africa, covering Morocco, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Chad, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Mauritania, Libya and western Sahara.

The ever changing Sahara is a sight to behold; this vast land stretches from the Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Niger River and Sudan in the South with the East being brought up by Egypt and the Red Sea and the west being guarded by the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate of Sahara is on the dry side, Sahara has Tropical weather towards the southern parts and subtropical weather towards the North, with cold winters and hot summers, the rainy season in Sahara is the summers.

The lowest place in Sahara is the Qattara Depression in Egypt and the highest Mountain range is the Tibesti Mountains with Mount Koussi standing at 3,415m being the tallest.

There are sand dunes which cover approximately 25% of the Sahara and the rest is made up of Plateau’s, mountains, oasis and mountains which add that ever changing luster to this magical place known as the Sahara.

There are two major rivers which are a lifeline for the people of this place, the river Nile and the river Niger which flow all year around, there are other rivers also but they are either underground or are seasonal (rainy season), the underground rivers provide the moisture for the oasis which is the life line in this land.

The Sahara has a rich history which dates back to 6000 BC when people residing in today’s Egypt were cattle herders and nomads who later on settled and became the permanent settlers before the Dynasties ruled in Egypt. The name Sahara is derived from the Arabic word for desert.

 The Sahara had a collection of people who traded and even ruled here from the Phoenicians, The Garamantes, The Greeks, The Romans and The Arabs all of these people left there mark on this place known as the Sahara.

The Sahara has a good number wild life like baboon, deer, wild ass, hedgehog, hyena, sand fox, gerbil, gazelle and jerboa with a plethora of bird life as well.

The way to enjoy this ever-changing and beautiful place is to take a camel safari or a jeep safari, which will immerse and teach you the way of the Sahara; this is an experience in itself.

We will provide you with exclusive tour packages designed for your convenience and comfort, we strongly believe in taking into account your likes and dislikes and the places you would like to spend more time in, that’s why we will design the tours according to your specification.

The tours are all inclusive with your boarding and lodging plus meals

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