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Welcome to the world of Trekking.

Experience the excitement of pure adventure by joining our trekking tours in India amidst the world’s most stunning trails. Be it the mighty Himalayas or the scenic Gharwal Hills, we would lead you on to some of the most spectacular and remote locations to enjoy the beauty of nature in its element. Our professional team of guides and trek advisors would arrange a suitable trek according to your requirements. You might be a beginner, an advanced trekker or a group out to seek a nirvana experience; we will help you realize your dreams of exploring the unexplored and experiencing the wonders of nature. Trekking in India is a fascinating mix of cultural heritage and spectacular natural beauty. It would be a exciting adventure and a wonderful insight into the Indian culture and heritage.

The hilly terrain of India offers some magnificent and action-packed trekking routes. There is boundless potential for trekking expeditions in the vast landscape of the Indian Himalayas and the Karakorams. The Garhwal and Kumaon region also have some very interesting treks which have become quite popular due to their incredible scenic beauty.

Go Adventure Sports has vast experience in conducting trekking and mountaineering expeditions all over the Indian Himalayas. It has been a great privilege to share the vastness of the Himalayas with people from different nationalities and cultures. If you want to experience the wonders and beauty of Garhwal, Kumaon, Ladakh, Himachal, Sikkim, Niligiris and The Western Ghats; drop in a line to us and we will tailor make a trip to these wondrous regions. Go Adventure Sports will give you a taste of varied altitude on our treks and mountaineering expeditions. Our expeditions might range from 2500 meters till 6500 meters. For high altitude treks we will follow an acclimatization process to ensure your trip is comfortable. For the benefit of all our customers we have graded the various treks that we offer, do take a close look and if you have any doubt, do email or call us to seek better clarity.

Customized Treks: We strongly believe in providing a WOW experience to all our customers. We recommend that you contact us if you want a tailor made trek. We will discuss it with you and offer our suggestions if required to improve it.  We undertake numerous treks and have divided them into various categories; this is basis our experience of what a trekker is looking for:

Fixed Departures: We have made a calendar in which our fixed departure treks are listed. This is a very cost effective way of trekking, the group would comprise of individuals from various walks of like. This is also a great way of meeting like minded people. Minimum group size should be 3

Difficult Treks: This is best left for the experienced mountaineers for the time being. Once you have done your fair bit in the Himalayas, then it would be the right time to opt for this grade. We would be using fixed ropes, pitons, ice axe, crampons etc for this category.

Moderate Treks: If you are reasonably fit, then this kind of a trek should not be difficult for you. You will be passing through some stunning landscapes. This is also a great way of graduating to the next level of difficult treks.

Family Treks/Easy Treks: Perfect way of having a great time as a family. This would give a wonderful insight about the Himalayas to young kids. Excellent learning very early in life will take them a long way.

Student Treks: Youth of the country will shape the destiny and future of our great nation. It is critical to admire and respect the great outdoors that India has been blessed with; we will try our best to make the youth of our nation understand how important it is to live in harmony with nature. We also understand the cash crunch that college students might face (I was always short of money J ) . We will arrange treks for all students at a much lower price than our regular treks. Please email a scanned copy of your I-Card and show the original before the start of the trek to avail this discount.

Flexible Pricing: All inclusions and exclusions are mentioned for different treks. Do let us know if you want the price to be reduced by excluding some thing. Also if you want some extras, do let us know and we will arrange the same for you for an extra charge.



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