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Wild Life Safari

The cool forest air whispering age old secrets, the rustling of the leaves which promises exciting discoveries, deep shadows which hold mysteries, the call of the wild which sends a shiver down your spine is what your experience would be on some of the most amazing wildlife safaris which we have to offer to our fellow explorers. The call of the wild as it is known was something I experienced way back in the year 2001. Since then it became a passion to explore the exotic wilderness that India has to offer and share some of my most memorable experiences with like minded people. Though my greatest victory would be to convince my core group of friends who, if I may put it in a gentle manner, have a close affinity with cities and jungles of a different type. They rather laze in a swimming pool with a beer mug in one hand instead of risking their neck on some wild jaunt organized by their dear friend (in mock horror).

India has immense regions under forest cover which provide a natural habitat to an incredible number of wild animals. In recent times the focus on saving our natural heritage of forests has give a shot in the arm to wildlife enthusiasts. From the northern most point of the country till the southern most you will find some of the most unbelievable diversity of flora and fauna. Believe me friends, seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat is one of the most thrilling experiences you can ever have. You can feel a tingle in your spine when you sight your first Tiger in the wild.

The King of the jungle walking past you with a look of arrogance and dismissing you from his presence with a flick of his tail, a herd of wild Elephants frolicking in the dense forest, a beautiful single horned Rhino lazing in the forest, sighting the elusive mountain Goat in the rugged hills of Ladakh would be some of the amazing experiences which you would encounter in the various national parks in India.

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