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The one place in the whole wide world where you will enjoy the Himalayas in their full glory, from beautiful valleys to the Ranges, it will be an amazing adventure to visit the famed Zanskar Valley. Ringed by extremely high mountains, it’s snowed in through out winters and can be accessed for a few months in summers through high passes.
This trek will take you to Ladakh and Zanskar; on the way you will pass monasteries where the culture of Buddhism is prevalent, the architecture has Tibetan influence, you will be surrounded by prayer flags fluttering in the wind all around you, the monasteries will give you a sense of calm and inner peace.
This place is one of the remotest places in the world where the local culture is as pristine as 24-carat diamond, the landscape is spectacular and the people are warm hearted.
This is without doubt the finest long distance trek you will ever come across; adrenaline will flow, as you will make this exciting and challenging trek through daunting and extremely picture’s region, which will take your breath away. You will be surrounded by Mountains and very deep gorges, the wild flowers and the green fields are seen to be believed, the Zanskar River completes the picture.
This will be a lifetime experience.

Season: June to September
Grade: Hard

Day one: Pick up from Delhi Airport, transfer to hotel. Must do is to check out old Delhi bazaar.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day two: Take the flight to Leh capital of Ladakh. Check out the old city as you acclimatize. Ladakh is known as the roof of the world, this place was an important part of the silk route.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day three: After passing through Kargil, we will take the Fotu La pass between Suru and Indus valley; you will be surrounded by some of the most incredible landscape. Today we will be visiting the Lamayuru Monastery and Mulbekh an amazingly beautiful place, onwards to Rangdom we will come upon the amazing peaks of Nun and Kun. After this long drive we will settle for the night here.
Accommodation: Tents

Day four: After driving for approximately 5 hours we will reach Padum after crossing the Peni la (14500 ft). Padum is an entry and exit point to Zanskar, this place is a must see and the villages are a must visit, set in the valley the greener is all around ringed with rolling mountain tops.
Accommodation: Tents

Day five: Onwards to Zangla the trek is 20 km and will take about 7 to 8 hours, on the way we will cross the river Tsarap, the trek is fast but on an easy incline. After crossing the monasteries we will reach our campsite and crash for the night.
Accommodation: Tents

Day six: Today we will soak in the local culture and do a short trek to Sumdo 9 km and about 3 to 4 hours of leisure walking time. After crossing small bridges we will entry Zulung Valley, this is again a fantastic spot for camping.
Accommodation: Tents

Day seven: After breakfast we will be trekking for 16 km in 6 to7 hours to reach Chacha La (pass) (4955meters), time for some great photo opportunities as you will be ringed by the great Himalayan ranges.
Accommodation: Tents

Day eight
: Today we will be reaching out and touching the wild side of this amazing place, the country side is abundant with local flora and fauna, some of which can only be found here as you trek along to Tilat Sumdo. You will be crossing the river up teem number of times and will get to see some amazing locale wildlife, here you will feel one with the nature. The duration of today trek is 17 km, which we will cover in 7 to 8hours approximately.
Accommodation: Tents

Day ninth: Onwards to Rubang La (pass) we will be camping on the base camp, the trek is of 16km and will take about 6 hours. This place is the home of the Khampa’s, they are basically horse people who eke out a living by these animals. They also keep large herds of Yaks and trade in yak products, these people are excellent herders. Hearing these people sing is a fabulous experience and a great way to enjoy your evening.
Accommodation: Tents

Day tenth: After breakfast we move onwards to Rubang la (pass) 5025meters, the trek is through rough terrain covering 17km in about 7 hours to the outskirts of the Markha Valley. On the way you will check out the Stok Range, which will be as clear as glass. Camping on the edge of the Markha Valley for the night halt.
Accommodation: Tents

Day eleventh: Today we will ascend Stok Kangri (6121 meters). The trek will start early morning before the sun comes up, first we will be passing a lot of boulders and rocks onwards towards the glacier, then through lose stones and snow will take us to the top of the mountain, from here you will have an amazing view all around.
Accommodation: Tents

Day twelfth: Onwards to Thochuntse we will be passing through the Markha Valley, the river Markha will be in our way and we will be stopping on its side for high tea as we revel in this place, we will also be crossing the Zanskar gorge. Today trek will be for 12km and we will complete it in 6 hours.
Accommodation: Tents

Day thirteen: Today we will be going on to Nimaling this place has rolling plains sandwiched between the enormous peaks. The trail is dotted with prayer flags and Mani stones which are inscribed with ‘Om Main Padme Hum’, which translates into ‘Hail to Thee, Jewel in the Lotus Blossom’. When you walk along the Mani stones always keep them to your right side and if you want to show respect touch the stone with your right hand and bow slightly while touching your forehead. The trek is for 7km and will take about 3to 4 hours.
Accommodation: Tents

Day fourteen: Today we will take a trip to the Kangyaze peak (6000meters). The trek is not too long but its nice and refreshing as you will be carrying the bare minimum for we will be coming back to Nimaling, after enjoying this trek and the country side its back to our base camp.
Accommodation: Tents

Day fifteen: Today we will be hitting Kongmaru La (pass) at 5150meters. The things to see are so many and so diverse that its hard to make up ones mind on what to see first, from here we will have a fantastic and top view of the entire Indus and Ladakh Valley. The most amazing peak Kangyaze is visible in its full splendor. After 18 km and a hard 8 hours its time to hit the sack.
Accommodation: Tents

Day sixteenth: From Sumodo we will be going on wards to the Hemis monastery, the Lamas are quite helpful and will be explaining about the locale culture and traditions. From here onwards to Leh.
Accommodation: Hotel

Day seventeen: flight back to Delhi. Catch connecting flight back.

Important please note:

  • This trek is for experienced people as this is a high Altitude trek.

  • Please get a fitness certificate from your doctor.

  • We will be sending you the list of equipment you will require for this trek, if you cannot get the equipment then we will help you to procure it.

    All inclusive:

  • All the meals (packed lunch will be provided)

  • Road transfers\air transfers

  • Experienced guides and high altitude porters

  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis

  • Line permit fees if required

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