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About Us


The journey started in the year 2005 with the primary aim of assisting like minded people in their quest for exploring the unexplored. The birth of "goadventuresports" is a result of endless discussions over many bottles of rum on are way to Leh on a road trip. I will never forget the moment when we finally agreed on it. It was on the top of Tanglang la pass ( second highest pass in the world ) over a hot cup of tea and home made Mathis with mango pickle. The outdoors is a fascinating world in itself with its mysteries and wonderful sights and sounds which make you fall in love with nature. We have resolved to promote all and any adventure activity and to encourage people to try them in harmony with nature.

Passion for the outdoors and exploring the unexplored is the main driving force behind goadventuresports. Our promise to all of you out there is to, try once and you will keep coming back for more. We have committed ourselves to take our clients to the most exotic places to be found any where on the world map. We pride ourselves on providing the best hospitality and a cheerful smile even at -15 degrees or even in the remotest of locales to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our fellow traveler from planning their trips according to their individual needs and schedules. Even the minutest of details are looked into from planning to implementation till the final execution.

Finally, I would like to say " trust us, come to us and we promise to make your journey a experience of a life time".

Unknown Quote
"What you do to reach your destination is more important than reaching the destination in itself".

 The Team

  • Rana Sidhu
  • Rana SidhuRana or Mr. Dependable as we call him, is the driving force behind goadventuresports. His passion and enthusiasm for outdoors and adventure sports is infectious. He has traveled extensively through out the country and has in-depth knowledge about places to visit which are off the beaten track. A passionate traveler who respects the outdoors as no man I have seen. He will guide you, assist you, support you and he will bloody well make sure that you go out there and have some fun.
  • Gaurav (www.webartindia.com)
  • GauravGaurav or Mr Brains as we fondly call him is the planner behind the whole concept of promoting the out doors through this site. Inputs from his extensive travels have proved valuable in giving the same experience to other fellow travelers. He is the guy who always raises his hand for any kind of activity which involves overseas travel (very modestly) and leaves the other travels to us souls (again very modestly).
  • Karanbir Bedi
  • Karanbir Bedi The adrenaline junkie. Traveling for him is not passion but an obsession. A guy who loves testing sands. For him it is the raw dry winds of Ladakh in summers and the golden beaches of Goa in the winters. Traveling is a pilgrimage for this junkie and his ever increasing thrust to explore seems to be unquenchable.
  • Bawa Sidhu
  • Bawa SidhuHaving traveled extensively through out this vast country and tested the waters in all corners of India, he is the traveler with a passion for adventure sports and researches each and every spot with due diligence. He is the guy who will make sure that your each and every whim is catered for with utmost care.
  • Saurabh Dhiman
  • Saurabh DhimanSaurabh, fondly known as Billy, is a powerhouse of energy.This youngest member of the team will bowl you over with his zealous and charming nature.He has dabbled with a variety of adventure sports, finding his forte in mountaineering and rock climbing.Mantra personifying his attitude is to "NEVER STOP EXPLORING"
  • Preetika Sah
  • Preetika SahIn love with the outdoors, Preetika has embarked on a mission to freeze frame the outdoors with her Camera. A professional skier and photographer, she has travelled throughout India in search of her Holy Grail, a perfect shot.


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