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Amazing Road Trips

Hey, I was wondering, what is the best way to explore a place or region? Some of my friends said, we take a flight and spend some days to explore the place. Some said, we love to travel by train which gives us a better insight of the place. Quite true, in this world in which time is at a premium, nobody would like to waste their time in transit. I guess my line of thinking is with the old school of travelers who love to explore any place by road. I am a complete road junkie, if I can help it, my first choice of travel would be by road. But, before I continue, I would like to say “whatever the mode of journey, travel one must”.

The best part of any road trip is that it gives me a wonderful feel of the region in which I am traveling. My favorite quote is “the destination is not the journey but what you do to reach the destination is what your actual journey is”. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some fabulous road journeys in different regions of India. According to me, the best way to explore the vastness of India is to plan a road journey. It’s my promise that it would be a incredible experience to explore the heritage and culture of India while driving through it. The best part is that, while in India you can opt for a road trip anytime. In summers you can organize a road trip to Ladakh or the scenic Himalayas. In winters, the exotic deserts of Rajasthan, the beautiful beaches of Goa or the awesome backwaters of Kerala.

Think of a journey and leave the rest to us. Come join us in exploring India on some of the most out of the ordinary road trips.

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