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Angling and Sport Fishing
Angling and Sport Fishing
Coorg Fishing Camp
Masheer Fishing Camp Yamuna

A sport that I am very passionate about. Fortunately for people in India , with its dozens of rivers and thousands of streams , offers vast opportunities for sport fishing and angling.

Even if you are a novice with a makeshift line or a thoroughbred professional angler with the latest tackle , you are in for a time of your life.

The best time to go sport fishing is from October to November and mid-February to mid-May when the rivers and the streams are replete with all varieties of fish.

The Holy Grail for die hard fishers in India is the mighty Mahseer.A fish which fights you, makes you sweat and if you win , you bow your head in pride to the indomitable sprit of the great Mahseer. The Majestic Mahseer is to fishing what the Tiger or Elephant hunt was to Big Game Hunting.
Enough!!! I guess I am partial , but believe me once you have done it been their the fan following will only increase.

India has a coastline of more than 3000 Km and an estimated 55,000 Km of lakes, streams, rivers, tributaries and reservoirs. With this huge amount of water resources at its disposal, it is an ideal destination for angling, sport fishing and fishing. Fishing has come up in a big way due to a sustained effort put in by Department of Fisheries of various states. Avid anglers in the western countries have started realizing the kind of potential India has in the field of fishing and adventure sports. The day is not far when some of the biggest catches would be attributed to Indian rivers….wish I am the lucky one! The biggest advantage in India is that all the major rivers are sited in easily reachable places and near major cities. Some major rivers and its tributaries where fishing can be enjoyed are Mahanadi, Yamuna, Kaveri, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, and Teseta. A wide variety of fishes like Golden Mahseer, Silver Mahseer, Silver Gray Mahseer, Black Mahseer, Trout, Rohu, Katli, Brown Trout are found in these rivers. The coastal waters also have some amazing variety of fishes like Sea Bass, Mackerel, Marlin etc.

Keeping in mind the potential of fishing in promoting tourism and adventure sports, the fishing departments of different states have started hatcheries and fish sanctuaries. These steps have been taken to maintain the stock of fishes in the major rivers of India. Kudos to the Fishing Departments of Himachal Pradesh, Uttranchal, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.

The biggest myth is that the best fishes are found in the remotest streams or rivers. What you need to know is that every fish has different traits and breeding seasons. An experienced hand will keep all the characteristics of a fish in mind and then look for the best spot to lay his line. It is not easy to foretell in which stream you are going to get a good catch, even pros can struggle to find a suitable spot. The best thing to do is to try out different streams and then use your experience to find a suitable spot for oneself. I would strongly recommend everybody to take some assistance of experienced fishing guides.

Fishing Seasons

Fishing in India is possible through out the year. This is because of the different climatic conditions in diverse regions of India. The best time for fishing tour in Himalayas is from October to November and from April to June. The best season to go fishing in South India is from April to September. It is important to know about the breeding seasons of different varieties of fishes because fishing is not allowed during the breeding season. You should also be aware of the climatic conditions prevalent in the area, like the Himalayas will be very cold from December till March. The bottom line is, pick up your fishing rod anytime; you will find a place in India to fishing.


It is important to understand the need for any adventure sport to be regulated for it to be a source of enjoyment rather than harming our fragile ecosystem. That is the precise reason why fishing permits are mandatory before you start your fishing safari. So, think twice before you throw your line into the water without a fishing permit, it could be you who gets caught rather than the fish. It is advisable to contact the tourism and fisheries department of the state in which you intend to go fishing. If you are from another country, it is important to know about certain restricted areas where foreigners are not allowed without special permits. These permits can be obtained from Ministry of Home Affairs of The Government of India, Foreign Residents Registration Offices and Indian Embassies in your country. Fishing licenses are not issued during the breeding season. Sometimes licenses are issued for only a specific stretch of the river and stipulations are placed on the number of fishes that are caught and released in the water.

Important Things to Know and Bring

For me fishing is an Art which requires the finesse of a master painter and the skill of a ballet dancer. You are up against a very smart adversary in its home turf. Skills that you have accumulated over a period of time and patience are the 2 most important tools that can help you in a successful fishing expedition. You should have the ability to keep quite and still for hours on end and save your strength for the big battle ahead…..not joking Bro, some of the fishes can give quite a fight, specially the Mahseer. In fishing, patience is the key to success. The chances of getting a big one are better if you put your line near a rapid; areas around rapids have more oxygen. It is important to sit still and not to disturb the water as the fish can feel the unnatural disturbances. Once the fish had bitten the line, let it run for a while and avoid stopping its first run. Hold your line tightly and keep reeling in from time to time. The important thing is to tire the fish out and not give it any rest to regain its strength. Keep pumping your rod and get the fish before it tires you into making a mistake.

It is also important to have the right kind of equipment to enjoy this adventure sport. You would require Fishing Rods, Lines, Hooks, Reel, Flies, Spoons, Spinners and Bait. If possible you should carry some spares as well….lets not under estimate our opponent. I would recommend you to consult a fishing guide for the most effective bait that can be used to lure the fish; it can vary from beat to beat. For summers, you should carry light cotton clothes-green or brown in color, waterproof overalls, light sandals or water proof rubber calf length shoes. A tube of sunscreen, hat and sunglass would also be necessary to protect your self from the sun. Woolens and wind proof jackets would come in handy for the winter months.

Overnight Stay Facilities

You have the option of either camping in the wilderness or opt for city stay. Most of the good fishing beats are not located far from major towns. It is not difficult to find suitable lodging of your choice. You can stay in a city hotel and drive down every morning to your chosen stretch of river and drive back in the evening. To promote fishing safaris, state governments have started operating forest lodges which can be rented on a room basis or the complete lodge can also be rented. These forest lodges offer you basic amenities and a comfortable stay. There are a number of privately operated camps which can be found near some excellent beats, feel free to us for any kind of overnight stay facilities that you would require.

What We Will Do For You

Your part of the deal is to make up your mind for experiencing a fishing safari, leave the rest to us. We will take all necessary steps to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Just let us know where you are interested in going and we will make all the arrangements for you and your group.

  • We will let you know about the best destinations available according to your convenience and resources. If you are opting for high altitude fishing safari, we would also recommend the kind of health checks you should get done from your doctor.

  • We will assist you in completing all critical paperwork and the necessary permits that are required, for foreign nationals it is also important to get the permission from The Internal Home Affairs Department of India to visit certain off limit regions of the country.

  • We would arrange every thing in cynic with nature. Anything that is not biodegradable will not be left behind.

  • We will make a checklist of what all you would need according to the weather conditions prevalent in the region you would be visiting.

  • If you don’t have the equipment for fishing, we can arrange it for you.

If you are in the mood for some sport fishing , pack your bags me and ENJOY.

Some good places where you can go for sport fishing

Himachal Pradesh - Streams feeding the Beas River in the Kullu Manali region are well known for Brown Trout. The cold mountain streams are well suited for trout, and are home to some of the biggest varieties of Trout. The best beats are at Larji valley, situated on the confluence of the river Larji and Tirthan. Sainj, which is also a trout stream, flows on the other side.

Uttar Pradesh - Dodital Lake nestled among the snow-clad peaks in the Uttarkashi Himalayas is a fresh water lake and a tempting trout pool, where you can get a good catch, during all seasons. The forest rest house at Dodital and Barkot are ideal for the night stay.
Other options for fishing Mahseer in Uttar Pradesh are in the Ramganga and the Sharda rivers in the range of Jim Corbett National Park. You can also go to Rishikesh that offers good fishing sites.

South India - The best season to go trout-fishing in the south of India is from April to September. Accommodation is available at the forests bungalows. One can even go camping, if the idea is to have some funnd adventure. Cauvery Fishing Lodge near Mysore is a great place to catch Mahseer. In Kerala streams around the hill stations of Munnar are ideal for fishing.

Kashmir- with its network of rivers, streams and high altitude lakes, all abounding in trout, both brown and rainbow, has been rightly defined as an 'angler's paradise'. Major points of angling in the state are the Indus and Lidder rivers, their tributaries and a network of smaller rivers and streams. The best time for fishing here are early mornings and late evenings. There is an, 'ideal' fishing permit that allows you to fish exclusively, in a beat of 2 km.

If you are more adventurous, you can fish in one of many high altitude lakes (14,000 ft. above sea level), which can be reached by trekking. One trek, in particular, starts from Sonmarg and goes on to Vishansar, Kishansar, Satsar, Gadsar and Gangabal all alpine lakes. During winters when the lake surface is frozen, the fish (mainly brown trout) keeps close to the bottom of the lake, rising nearer the surface, as the ice melts. In these lakes, unlike other places, the use of spoons and spinners is allowed.

Categories of Anglings:-

  • Mahseer (Barbus Tor) fishing:-
    The Barbus Tor, popularly called the Mahseer or the Tiger of the Indian Rivers, is one of the largest freshwater fish and one of the greatest fighting fish in the world. It is natural to Indian lakes and streams and can attain sizes upto 5.5 ft and weigh over 50 kgs. Mahseer is generally found in the rivers of the Terai regions of the Himalayas, the Shivalik Hills in the north, and the river Kaveri in the south, where it has been fished for successfully with rod and line. The Mahseer is found where the river speeds through narrow gorges and spills out over a rocky river bed. The larger fish are found above large rapids and in the pools below the falls.

  • Trout fishing:-
    Unlike the Mahseer, the Trout is not indigenous to Indian waters. The Snow Trout is however fond in all high altitude streams and lakes. It was introduced into various predetermined lakes and river in various parts of the country. Trout hatcheries are in operatron in the Kashmir valley, Kulu valley. Agoda near Uttrakashi and Avalanche in the Nilgiris. The Snow Trout is however, touch in all high altitude streams and lakes.

  • Sea fishing:-
    Sea fishing as a sport has not bet been well developed in India. But there is a good variety of game fish off the coasts of India like Baracuda, Mullet, Perch, Tuna, Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sail Fish and Sear. So the enterprising angler can put together a rewarding and memorable trip in some very exotic regions of India.

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