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Amazing Biking Expeditions
Amazing Biking Expeditions Have you ever had that feeling when you are just in awe of what you see in front of you? a sight what can be best described as the magic of god and you have to actually take in a deep breath and give yourself a couple of seconds so that your brain can actually register what is in front of you. Well if you haven’t then you are missing out on something called life. You then need to come to Ladakh – a civilization over a 1000 years old in the most hostile enviourment in the world is nothing short than gods magic.

Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh was not open to foreign tourists till a few years ago, even Indian nationals needed a permit to venture in ladakh. Things have now changed .most of ladakh can be accessed by roads, many of them having the credit of being the highest in the world.

Amazing Biking Expeditions The road from Manali to leh on which I have traveled more than five times never lets you down in terms of the awesome sights, sheer adventure and of course the challenge that it presents to you while riding a bike. It is 480 kms of pure adrenaline and is a bikers delight. Crossing passes at a height of 16000 feet plus requires determination more then skill. These 480 kms can take anything between 2-4 days with 3 days being ideal and you get to stop at some of the most pictureous places you will ever come across. A nights halt at the pictureous town of Jispa followed by camping for a night in the valley of Sarchu or next to the Tso kar lake . The next morning you leave for the city of Leh crossing the Tanglanga pass which is the second highest motorable road in the world.
Amazing Biking Expeditions While traveling on Leh Manali road one can experience first hand the change in mountains, people, and culture. You leave the Manali hills full of trees and enter a land where nothing grows. You come across fellow riders who stop at a tea stall at 13000 feet and then cross the lake at Baralacha pass which cannot be described in words. One sight after the other, one experience after the other, it is definitely an experience of a lifetime. A pilgrimage one needs to undertake year after year. Do not think that the journey finishes once you reach leh. There are things to see like 1000 year old monasteries where way of like has not been corrupted, places to go like camping like the Nubra valley, and lakes to visit in this cold desert. It is a place that just sucks you in by its beauty and the warmth to its people.
Amazing Biking Expeditions After spending a few days soaking in the experiences that Leh and its surrounding areas have to offer one can head towards Srinagar which is another 450 kms .A halt in Gulmarg is a must. In a distance of about 50 kilometers the dry Ladakh hills give way to lush green grasslands as soon as you cross the mighty Zogilla pass. The Kashmir valley has been described as paradise on earth and on seeing it one can understand why. It has been the source of inspiration for the works of many artists and poets. Srinagar is a comfortable 2 day ride from Leh and a stay in the houseboat and a ride on the Shikara is definitely recommended. The mughal gardens around Srinagar are another must see. The hospitable Kashmiri people greet you with a smile anywhere you go.

Amazing Biking Expeditions For a biker who really wants to test himself there lays a challenge he cannot ignore. A bike ride of a life time, a 18-21 day ride beginning from the queen of hills Shimla going to the sangla valley which was out of bound for tourists till a few yeas ago .You then head of to Kaza in the lahaul spiti valley.Spiti is totally different to Ladakh. The people are different and it has a culture totally unique to it.Monistries some being the oldest in the world like the ones at Tabo, Dankar leave you mesmerized. Close to Kaza it the village of Comic which is the highest inhabited village in the world. Then there is the Pin valley (a protected sanctuary) which is home to the snow leopard. The stretch from Sangla to Kaza has some breathtaking sights along with challenges like the crossing of the Malling nallah. Going ahead from Kaza you cross the Kunzum pass which leads you to Gramphoo from where you join the Leh Manali road.
Amazing Biking Expeditions If you are game to have this experience of a life time then look no further. From getting you Royal Enfield motorcycles to accommodation we would take you to explore the region of Ladakh with us. We would plan your trip in such a way that once you are in India or once you cross New Delhi you are assured a trouble free ride. We offer three different routes across the Himalayas. One would cover the Lahaul Spiti, the other the region of Ladakh and the third would be covering both the regions of Lahaul Spiti and Ladakh.

Amazing Biking Expeditions (Schedule on all 3 routes can be increased or decreased on your convince. These are just suggested plans which let you know about the region.)


Day 1. New Delhi to Chandigarh. Distance 250kms.

Chandigarh is the capital of the State of Punjab and Harayana. It was designed by the French designer Le cobesiure and is an up coming metro of India and a city with great potential. In Chandigarh a must visit for a travelers is the Rock Garden.

Day 2. Chandigarh to Shimla or Narkanda . Distance: 110 kms to Shimla and 180 kms to Narkanda.
Two places are scheduled for the second day. This is done so that you can decide which one you prefer .Shimla in the Capital city of the State of Himachal Pradesh. It is called the Queen of the hills and traces of British architecture can be seen around the city .Narkanada on the other hand is a sleepy picturesque town and is perfect to laze around.

Day 3. Shimla or Narkanda to Sangla. Distance: approximately 210 kms
The ride from now on gets more picturesque as the kilometers are eaten up. Sangla located on the Sangla valley is a beautiful town. It is located in the Sangla valley and was not open to tourists till few years ago.

Day 4 Sangla to Nako. Distance: 120 kms
Nako is a village up in the Himalayas. Not many know of it and is visited only by travelers. It has an 800 year old monastery and a small but a picturesque lake. Way of like hear has been the same for centuries.

Day 5 Nako to Kaza. Distance 130 kms

Day 6,7 Kaza
Kaza is the capital of the Lahaul Spiti Valley. A truly beautiful place with barren hills. A Buddhist town, it is now developing as a few travelers and tourists have started coming in.

Day 8 Kaza to Manali. Distance 230 Kms
A very interesting town to say the least. Full of travelers, tourists and hippies who have settled here.

Day 9 Manali to Chandigarh Distance 300 Kms

Day 10 Chandigarh to New Delhi

Amazing Biking Expeditions Route 2 LADAKH

Day 1 New Delhi to Chandigarh Distance 250 kms

Day2 Chandigarh to Manali Distance 300 Kms

Day3 Manali to Jispa Distance 145 Kms
Jispa is a small town next to a river. A quite place and the ride up to Jispa gives you a taste of what lies ahead
Day 4 Jispa to Sarchu Distance 90 kms
The ride to Sarchu is not for the faint hearted. The temperature falls at night but accommodation is good and camping under the clear sky is an experience to remember. Instead of Sarchu camping at Tso kar lake is also possible which is100 kms from Sarchu. Tso kar is slightly off the road to Leh.

Day 5 Sarchu to Leh. Distance 230Kms
Leh is the capital of Ladakh. From cafes next to the stream, to its monasteries, its shops, its people, it truly is an enchanting place to be in. a place which is a must visit for everyone once in their life.

Day 6 ,7,8 Leh

After spending time in Leh we could either return back the same way or go towards the Kashmir valley and go to Srinagar. Srinagar is 450 Kms from Leh . The ride is easier to the one earlier and time taken to New Delhi is the same.

Day 9 Leh to Kargil. Distance 230 Kms

Day 10 Kargil to Srinagar Distance 220 Kms
Srinagar is a place which is seen to be believed. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. A night in the house boat is a must.

Day 11. Srinagar

Day 12 Srinagar to Pathankot Distance 330 Kms

Day 13 Pathankot to Chandigarh Distance 250 Kms
A halt in the holy city of Amritsar is recommended as a visit to the Golden temple is worth the effort.

Day 14 Chandigarh to New Delhi
Amazing Biking Expeditions ROUTE 3 : THE HIMALAYAN ODESSEY

Day 1. New Delhi to Chandigarh Distance 250 Kms
Day 2 Chandigarh to Narkanda Distance 180 Kms
Day 3 Narkanda to Sangala Distance 210 Kms
Day 4 Sangla to Nako Distance 120 Kms
Day 5 Nako to Kaza Distance 130 Kms
Day 5,6 Kaza
Day 7 Kaza to Jispa Distance 220 Kms
Day 8 Jispa to Tso kar lake or Sarchu Distance 190 Kms to Tsokar lake
Day 9 Sarchu or Tso kar lake to Leh Distance 160 Kms
Day 10,11.12,13 Leh
Day 14 Leh to Kargil Distance 220 Kms
Day 15 Kargil to Srinagar Distance 230 Kms
Day 16,17 Srinagar
Day 18 Srinagar to Pehalgam Distance 90 Kms
Day 19 Pehalgam to Pathankot Distance 400 Kms
Day 20 Pathankot to Chandigarh Distance 250 Kms
Day 21 Chandigarh to New Delhi Distance 250 Kms

Amazing Biking Expeditions We promise you a hassle free trip so that you can enjoy your experience in the Himalayas on your Enfield. We know that every individual or every group have their own expectations when they go for an adventure holiday, with us this would not be a problem. The trip would be planed in such a way that all your expectations are meet with for what ever time you are with us.

Happy biking and God Speed.

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