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Paragliding & Hang-Gliding

Man has always been fascinated by the notion of free flight. To soar high in the clouds like a free bird with the wind acting as a medium. It has captured the imagination of mankind since eternity. You would find mention of flying people and animals in ancient mythology which would testify to what extent it has enamored us. We have come a long way since the days of Otto Lillienthal who made his first glide on wings like a bat. He is know as the father of human aviation who had the courage and convection to follow and achieve his dream of free flight. Because of people like him and many more passionate pioneers we can now enjoy free flight sports like paragliding and hand-gliding. Thanks to all these free flight enthusiasts, we now have the best possible equipment which is safe and easy to use.

We have a number of sites across India which we have developed as paragliding and hang-gliding destinations. The sites have been chosen after a lot of deliberation and testing so as to provide you the best possible flight time keeping in mind the safety of our patrons. These flights are conducted by experienced instructors who have countless number of flight time under there belt. Some of the best places in India where you can enjoy the sport are listed below. You can chose from the below mentioned sites or else inform us of some place you would like to try out, we would undertake a detailed study of the conditions prevalent in the area and let you know the feasibility of the enterprise.

Places in India where you can go for Paragliding:-


1. Kamshet:-
Kamshet is a very scenic hill area which is approximately 12 Km away from Khandala & Lonavala. It is easily accessible by road & train from Mumbai(115Kms) and Pune( 60 Km) . Kamshet is set amongst rolling hills and lush green fields at a altitude of 2195 feet. The weather is fairly pleasant through out the year. The season starts in October and fair winds are with us till end of May. The place from where we take off is known as tower hill where wind gusts can reach up to 20 Km to 30 Km with fair to strong thermals. So guys, anybody heading for Kamshet please feel free to contact us for a amazing experience in paragliding. to know more details.

The mighty Himalayas have guarded the frontiers of our amazing country since eternity. The incredible Himalayan ranges have been the source of inspiration for many a adventure aficionado who seek the ultimate in adventure. We have some amazing sites across the Himalayas which are suitable for paragliding. Some of the best sites are located in the Kangra Valley and the Kulu Valley which can be flown from the novice to the professional

Billing( Bir ):-
Billing is rated amongst one of the best paragliding destinations in the world. It is located in Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Bir is a small village which serves as the landing ground and Billing is the celebrated meadow from where you take off. Billing is at a altitude of 2600 mts (8600 feet )and by road the distance is 15 Km from Bir. This place is also famous for its regular thermals and ridge lifts techniques which can increase your flight time to anywhere from 25-30 Min. Bir is located about 70 Km from Mandi and Dharamsala and approximately 270 Km from Delhi.
The best time for paragliding in Bir is from March till early June before the monsoons start and from September till November. This is the ideal time for paragliding with fair winds assisting your endeavor.

Solang Nala( Manali ):-
Solang Nala is located 14 Km from Manali at a altitude of 8135 feet. It is considered a ideal place for paragliding enthusiasts. Located in the Kullu Valley, the best time to go far paragliding is from May till September as the conditions are suitable and fair winds are with you. We offer both tandem flights for beginners and solo flights for the more proficient. I hope that we have been able to stir your interest in paragliding sufficiently for you to try your hand at it. Please feel free to CONTACT US regarding any questions, clarifications or preparations that you need to under take before you go for a paragliding jaunt.

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