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Skiing In Gulmarg

Gulmarg- serves as a haven for the nature lover with its pleasing landscapes, elegant flowerbeds, and above all the luring beauty of the nature! For those who love to indulge in adventures, Gulmarg has got good news! Yes, you can spend your vacation skiing in the slopes and trekking the greener hills of Gulmarg!

The lift service that is provided here gives easy access to off-piste skiing. You can find four skiing fields here that promise you excellent adventure all the time. In the skiing fields of Gulmarg you can discover runs of more than 2000 perpendicular meters. You can find no park in Gulmarg, but the terrific channels and the path amidst trees will sure please the enthusiastic skier in you. When it is winter, Gulmarg takes a totally new form, the supreme guise as India’s best skiing resort! The gondola in Gulmarg extends almost to the top of the peak!

Though skiing might seem to be tougher job when you watch the sport in TV, once you reach Gulmarg you will be whopped over to see even the novices effortlessly skiing down the slopes! Yes, the spirit of skiing is in the air! So if you are ready to learn skiing get set for Gulmarg! No, you don’t require to carry a wardrobe of woolen clothes and other expensive equipments along with you! You can learn the tips and tricks of skiing since Gulmarg holds plenty of skiing equipment shops where you can buy or hire whatever that you need for a perfect skiing! Once you are ready with your paraphernalia and a skiing instructor you are ready to drift down the snowy slopes of Gulmarg! Finding a trained instructor here will be no difficult task and also one can learn skiing for cheaper than ever rates here.

The facility of the ski lift makes it easier for on to go up the gentle slopes. For the beginners the gentle slopes will be the best to opt for. Once you are confident that you can explore steeper slopes, you can go to the next level. For steeper and longer slopes chair lift will be provided. For the experts in skiing who want try the steepest of the slopes Gondola cable car is provided. This cable car promises a run of 2,213m.

Season For Skiing In Gulmarg

By Yule begins the skiing season here. The season continues until April middle. The National Winter Games of 1998 was held in Gulmarg. For this, the facilities provided here were improved to a greater extent. The resort is well equipped with 2 Kasse Bohrer snow-beating machines and 5 snowmobiles. At the ski shop run by the government one can hire high quality skiing equipments like skis, goggles, boots, gloves and more.

Spending a vacation here in winter promises you more fun and frolic and exciting memories to cherish.

Gulmarg- Major Attractions

Heli-Skiing Resort
One of the famous ski resorts in Asia the Heli-skiing resort is located in Gulmarg! The hilly slopes covered with the snowy blankets give the best ever-natural slopes that are the favorite for the ardent skiers.

The renowned French skiing expert, Sylvain Saudan used to take his fellow skiers to the peak of Gulmarg when he started the Heli-skiing in Himalayas exclusively for the European skiers! The steep slopes in this area served as a good platform to hone their skills in skiing. However, this practice is suspended at the present moment.

Golf Course
The greener golf courses are one of the highlights of Gulmarg! The clubhouse, which is an elegant historic building, is another best part in Gulmarg! Well, one can also learn golf here. You can hire golf sets; get temporary membership and also the assistance of a professional golf expert at Gulmarg.

Gondola Cable Car
The gondola cable car promises a fun filled ride amidst the breath taking sceneries. The beauty of Gulmarg in winter is one of its kind!

Commutation to Gulmarg

Gulmarg stands tall at a stupefying altitude of 2730 meters ASL. It is situated in Baramulla district of the graceful Jammu and Kashmir and at a distance of 57 kms from the city of Srinagar. From Srinagar it takes approximately 2 hours to reach Gulmarg. Also if you take a flight from New Delhi Srinagar is a one-hour flight from there. Jammu is the nearest train station to Gulmarg. From Jammu one can get A class and B class trains to Udhampur which is near Srinagar. You can also hire a share taxi to Srinagar from Jammu. If you travel by train the time taken will be 11 hours and if by taxi it is 8 hours. From Jammu frequent trains to Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai are available.

From Gulmarg Amritsar is a 340 miles away, Jammu 190 mile, and Delhi is 364 miles. During winter it is recommended to avoid road travel to Gulmarg! Srinagar is the nearest airport to Gulmarg. To Srinagar, Indian Airlines flights and small private airline services are available. The airport is connected to flights from Mumbai and Delhi. Connections from Leh also are there. Mumbai and Delhi are the nearest international airports. If you take bus service from Delhi, it will take more than 24 hours to reach the destination based on the climatic condition.

We promise you a terrific adventure this vacation! What else can make your vacation more worthwhile than the merrier moments that you spend in exploring the beauty of Gulmarg? Spend this vacation of yours in Gulmarg making use of the tour packages and the hotel accommodation deals that we offer. Contact us today for more details!

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