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Trekking FAQ

Q1. What all is provided on the trek?

Our Plan: - We recommend that you download the PDF document for the relevant trek. The document carries all the information. However as a standard, we provide the following things. If you need anything over and above this, do let us know and we will arrange it for you.

All meals
Mess Tent
Camping Mattress
Camping Stools
Basic Medical Kit

Q2.  What is the minimum age criterion for kids?

Our Plan: - I would suggest that you only embark on family treks if your kid is between the age group of 6 to15. Moderate treks are advisable for the age group of 15-18. For all other treks we recommend a minimum age of 18 yrs.

Q3. Please shed some light on what kind of meals and drinks would be provided on the trek.

Our Plan: - All through the trek, meals and tea/coffee will be provided. When we send you the itinerary, the start date and end date will be mentioned as well as the first meal and the last meal. Our master chef and staff members will carry all necessary supplies needed for a comfortable journey. We also carry along goodies like Chocolates, crackers, energy bars, jams etc, this is specially loved by kids. If you have any particular requirements, do inform us in advance and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Q4. What about night halts? What kind of lodging is provided during the trek?  

Our Plan: - During the trek lodging will be provided in Alpine style mountaineering tents. Mattress will also be provided.

Q5. Who plans the provisioning of materials, porters and mules need for the trek?

Our Plan: - Our aim it to make your trek an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. We have an experienced support staff who have immense knowledge about the terrain and conditions that we would be encountering. Everything from porters, mules and provisions will be planned to the minutest of detail.  

Q6. What kind of landscape can I look forward to on a family trek?

Our Plan: - The trek will lead over gradual and gentle slopes. The trails for family trek are specifically chosen keeping your needs as a family in mind. The terrain would be stunning; you don’t have to opt for tough treks in order to enjoy the Himalayas. All our treks are graded; please keep in mind the grade while choosing. Treks suitable for families would be graded as Easy or classified as family treks.

Q7. What if I get tired? What is the back up plan?

Our Plan: - Our support staff will assess all members before the start of a trek to gauge there fitness level. Accordingly arrangements will be made for extra horses or manpower. The cost for this is not included in the trek.  

Q8. What about first aid/medicine?

Our Plan: - Our instructors are fully trained in providing basic first aid in any medical emergency. We also have a list of nearby hospitals and doctors with us in case of evacuation. We also carry with us basic medicines that might be required at high altitude.   

Q9. Who will be in charge of the trek?

Our Plan: - A certified mountaineer who has ample experience in the particular region will lead the trek. All our guides are certified mountaineers and would have abundant experience in adventure sports.

Q10.  Who all will go along with us?

Our Plan: - Head Guide, Chef, Helpers and porters. The numbers will increase or decrease accordingly to the group size.

Q11. Can you customize a trip?

Our Plan: - We specialize in custom made trips. Each individual has special requirements; we can customize the trek accordingly. If you want to go for a trek that is not listed on our website, let us know about it and we will get it done for you. Trekking is very vast, numerous trails head into the Himalayas, do let us know if we have missed any, we will explore and then arrange it for you.


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